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How it works

You earn Pip Points for every pound you spend with us. You can also earn points for sharing on social platforms or referring your friends and we'll even give you points for your birthday.

Collect Pip Points

The more points you earn the more you can save. For 10% off you need 500 Pip Points, For 15% off you'll need 750 Pip points and to earn a huge 20% off you need just 1000 Pip points.

Spend your points

Once you've earned enough points you can login to your account and generate a unique voucher code to save on the next order you make. It's that simple. You'll even earn points on that purchase!

See Your Pip Points

Pip Points Rewards

10% OFF 500 Pip Points
15% OFF 750 Pip Points
20% OFF 1000 Pip Points

How To Earn Pip Points

Create an account +30 Pip Points
Complete Profile +20 Pip Points
On your birthday +10 Pip Points
Refer a friend +100 Pip Points
Make a purchase 1 Pip Point per £1
Share on Facebook +30 Pip Points
Like on Facebook +20 Pip Points
Follow on Instagram +40 Pip Points